Beach wallpapers

  1. Shipwreck beach Zakynthos, Greece – wallpaper

    Shipwreck beach Zakynthos, Greece – wallpaper

    This is the wallpaper of Shipwreck beach, also know as Navagio beach. It is located in the lovely island called Zakynthos, Greece. 🙂 The pristine blue waters, white ragged mountains and...

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  2. Tiki huts wallpaper

    Tiki huts wallpaper

    With breath taking views on this phenomenal wallpaper, tiki huts are for sure the place to find some solace. As we can see, this paradise has a wonderful environment and the location of the...

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  3. Stunning tropical beach bungalows

    Stunning tropical beach bungalows

    Tropical beaches are not only popular for its stunning landscapes, the white sand or crystal clear water. Often, on tropical beaches we can see wooden bungalows. Tropical beach as this in...

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  4. Beautiful Thailand beach wallpaper

    Beautiful Thailand beach wallpaper

    Thailand beaches are an excellent holiday destination, simple because of their extraordinary tropical environment. Each year, thousands of tourist flock to the various Thailand islands in...

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  5. Message in a bottle wallpaper

    Message in a bottle wallpaper

    Beaches around the world contain many different hidden items and treasures that from time to time wash up at the shore line. Perhaps, the most famous one is the message in a bottle that you...

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  6. Crystal clear water wallpaper

    Crystal clear water wallpaper

    This wallpaper shows the green crystal clear water of the tropical beach. The tropical beach is an ideal place for honeymooners and natural marine life that needs to be seen to believe....

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  7. Holiday at the tropical beach wallpaper

    Holiday at the tropical beach wallpaper

    Planning a tropical holiday is delight as you can quickly start thinking about the smooth weather, the sandy beaches and the fun. Last winter during the winter break I decided to break from...

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  8. Splashing waves wallpaper

    Splashing waves wallpaper

    This wallpaper catches the effect of the splashing waves striking the mighty rocky mountains of the sunshine coast beach. The beach is very beautiful but this corner becomes the center of...

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  9. The Caribbean islands wallpaper

    The Caribbean islands wallpaper

    The Caribbean islands are known for their beautiful beaches and islands that make it a lovely place to visit and have fun. But, the Caribbean islands have also been renowned for their...

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