Aegean Sea, Greece – wallpaper

Aegean Sea, Greece – wallpaper
Aegean Sea, Greece – wallpaper 91% 100 201 votes

In this wallpaper we have beautiful Aegean Sea. It is located at the Greece, one of the most popular touristic destination at the world. I mean just take a look at the Shipwreck beach..

This romantic water-side place with its deep blue water of the Aegean Sea and lush greenery looks like the perfect place to settle down and enjoy gorgeous views. This wallpaper will make you wish you lived in a quiet place by the water, where you can spend your time exploring the water and the land with equal excitement. The aerial view shows the dense green which looks perfectly contrasting against the crystal sea that laces these forests. Of course, whole scene would not look so great without the boat, which is scattered in the water, exploring the Aegean Sea.

By the way, does anyone know what is the name of the place in this wallpaper?

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